Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Beer

I know this photo looks like a chemistry experiment gone awry, but it is actually me transferring my home brew to Cornilus Kegs for the Grand Lodge Hospitality Lounge. The one on the right is an IPA and the one on the left will be an Amber. I am told that there will be two other home brews to sample. Please come join us at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alaska, and stop by the Hospitality Lounge for a taste. To register for Grand Lodge, go to our website (www.alaska-mason.org) and follow the links to the registration form and hotel.


  1. Grand Master Bo
    I wrote alittle something about you and AK today.
    Hope you and you wife are enjoying life.

    Tom Hendrickson
    ps can I get a few comments and a receipe from you?