Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bake Sale

Back in March, I issued a challenge to the lodges in this jurisdiction to conduct at least one fund raising activity during the year, and I asked that a portion of the proceeds raised be donated to the Grand Lodge of Alaska. I asked that any funds donated to Grand Lodge be earmarked to support one or more of the various endowments we sponsor, i.e. Grand Lodge Permanent Fund, Grand Lodge Travel Fund, Alaska Masonic Foundation for Children, or the Alaska Masonic Library and Museum Foundation. I explained that I hoped the lodges would make the presentation of their gifts during the open session of the 29th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alaska, February 4-5, 2010.

My purpose in issuing this challenge was to provoke the lodges into initiating some sort of activity that would demonstrate their presence in the community as a force for doing good.

Last night I visited my mother lodge, Matanuska No. 7. During the reports of committees, I learned that the lodge had conducted a bake sale over the weekend and had raised $715.85. During the course of the meeting, several motions were made and approved to dispose of this money. The lodge agreed to donate $200 to the Palmer Food Bank, $200 to the Alaska Family Resource Center, $200 to the Matanuska/Susitna Borough Secret Santa Program, $100 to the Grand Lodge of Alaska, and $15.85 to the lodge’s Almoner’s Fund.

Last night, I had a deep sense of pride in my lodge when I saw that they had participated in my requested fund raising activity, and, when it was over, contributed the bulk of monies they had raised directly back to the community. My lodge is not large as lodges go. We have limited resources and many demands on the money we have at hand, not the least is the maintenance of our Masonic Hall. Despite that, Matanuska Lodge No. 7 chose to demonstrate that they are a force for good in their community, and I applaud them for that.

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  1. Thank you Most Worshipful, what a great sentiment. Also that was the second bake sale, the first was nearly as successful.
    Bro. Dennis