Friday, December 4, 2009

Daddy Rabbit Welcome

I just heard from MW Steve Cox (Grand Master of Masons in Alaska, 2002), who was transplanted to Oklahoma a few years back. Steve’s initial major in college was fine arts, and he has done cartooning since childhood. A watercolor painting of the old Fairbanks Masonic Temple that Steve did while at Tanana #3 hangs in the new Tanana Masonic Center. Steve does oils, watercolors, mixed media and sculpture, all original work. The following is Steve’s message and his accompanying artwork. Enjoy.

Well, being stuck in the house while a toe heals, I became bored. Gayle let me have some pencils and paper to play with… So I drew a new cartoon.

It is my Daddy Rabbit cartoon, turned forward for the first time in nearly 45 years. I chose Masonry as his debut so I hope you like him. Those of you who are Masons will understand the open arms and greeting. Those of you who are not… maybe you should join?

If you like him, let me know… if you don’t, who are you anyway to judge my artwork!!!!


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