Sunday, March 1, 2009

Officers of the Grand the Grand Lodge of Alaska for 2009

Grand Lodge of Alaska
Elected and Appointed Officers
Grand Master
M.W. Bo Cline
Deputy Grand Master
R.W. Johnnie L. Wallace
Senior Grand Warden
R.W Ronald L. Ackerman
Junior Grand Warden
R.W. Jerry W. Pinion
Grand Treasurer
R.W. James D. Grubbs
Grand Secretary
R.W. Jerome P. (Jerry) Wasson
Grand Chaplain
W. Van O. Chaney
Grand Lecturer
W. John K. Bishop
Grand Orator
W. Clarence E. Keto
Grand Historian
W. Roger A. Barnstead
Grand Marshall
W. Kevin W. Tennant
Senior Grand Deacon
W Dale Gillilan
Junior Grand Deacon
W. Carl J. Lindstrom
Grand Standard Bearer
W. Ronald K. Bowen
Grand Sword Bearer
W Frank G. Weiss, III
Grand Bible Bearer
W John Paul Jones
Senior Grand Steward
VW Darrell E. Windsor
Junior Grand Steward
W. James Peasley
Grand Organist
W. Dwight E. Morris
Grand Tyler
W Thomas D. Cochran

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