Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comments Please

I was wondering why there were no comments to the postings on the “Grand Master’s Musings”, especially on the one post where I actually asked for comments (One-Day Ritual Class, 2/23/09). I assumed that maybe no one had anything to say or possibly no one was even reading the articles. The simple truth, however, was that I forgot to enable the comment section of this Blog. It is now enabled. Anyone who desires to may leave a comment.

In order to post a comment, simply click on the hypertext word ‘comment’ at the end of an article. After you have typed in your comment, you will have to select a profile from the drop down menu before it can be posted. If none of the profiles listed apply to you, you can select the generic ‘Name/URL’ profile, type in your name and an appropriate URL, and select ‘Post Comment’. Or you may simply select the anonymous profile. Once you select post comment, you will have to complete a word verification step to finish the process. I will moderate the comments and they will not appear until I have had the opportunity to review them. Comments which are inappropriate or offensive will not be approved.

Thanks for your interest in my journal and I look forward to your comments.


  1. Grand Master Bo, I feel it is my duty when asked by the Grand Master to comply as best I can. I have heard for some time and continue to hear that Masonry is in trouble membership wise. Well, I don't know that I totally agree with that statement. Maybe membership is low at this time but are we really in trouble. I think what we as Masons need is more Brothers doing more work, not just more names on the Lodge roster. I once heard a story, don't know if it is true or not but it still gets the message across even if it is not true. It is said that Captain Cook was sailing the south Pacific and was having problems with the crew. Some wanted to go home others wanted to do this others that. Anyway there was unrest within the crew. Capt. Cook anchored off a nice island and the men went ashore, there was plenty of food, fresh water and other inhabitants (natives) on the island. Capt. Cook told the entire crew that any man who wanted to could stay on the island and those who wished could return to the ship and go with him. Upon hearing this, the first mate (I believe his name was Christian) approached Capt. Cook and said, we have barely enough men to man the ship now, if some stay here we will be in trouble. Capt. Cook replied to this, I had rather have ten men with me who are totally with me and for me as to have a hundred that I can't count on at all time. That is sort of the way I feel about Masonry. I don't want to belong to any organization that just anyone can join. Br. Parkins once told me that just because you can find no wrong with a man does not qualify him to be a Mason. Br. Parkins might not be known to many of our newer members. (e was the ‘charter’ Junior Warden’ in Mt. Susitna Lodge No. 8. He was Deputy to the Grand Master When Eagle River Lodge was chartered. He was very active in all Masonic activities. Those who did not know him missed a very good Man and Mason.) If you find no wrong, he is not ‘bad’ but that does not make him good. Masonry takes a ‘good’ man and makes him better. In regard to the bumper sticker ‘To be one ask one’, well deep down I do not agree with this statement. It implies that all I have to do is ask and I am in. The tougher thing and times get the more we need to insist that we are getting ‘good’ me to join our ranks. The good men are out there, just look for them, I thank you for the opportunity to say my little bit, and I think this blog is a very good idea. Till later
    Thomas V. Houser P. M. (Br. Tom)

  2. On behalf of WM Jeff DeFreest and other lodge officers, I'd like to thank MW Grand Master Cline and Grand Lodge officers attending for their highly successful visitation to Mt. Juneau-Gastineaux Lodge No. 21 on March 10. We all appreciated and enjoyed the annual Grand Master's visit. Respectfully and fraternally, Stephen E. Wright, Secretary - Mt. Juneau-Gastineaux Lodge No. 21.