Monday, March 23, 2009

Log of the Week of March 16

Although I had the pleasure of sleeping in my own bed this past week, my visits have not appreciably diminished. On Monday, March 16, I traveled to Anchorage to participate in the Grand Lecturer, W John Bishop's workshop in District 3. The workshop was well attended by brethren from Glacier Lodge No. 10, Aurora Lodge No. 15, and Anchorage Lodge No. 17. The Grand Lecturer led off with a discussion on the floor work for various lodge officers during opening and closing of the lodge and during the degree conferrals. Additionally, proper ballot box procedures were discussed as well as the performance of the drama of 3rd degree. Overall, it was a very enlightening evening and I encourage brethren throughout this jurisdiction to take the opportunity to attend one of these workshops when the Grand Lecturer comes to visit your district.

On Tuesday, St. Patrick’s Day, I enjoyed a sumptuous corned beef and cabbage dinner prepared by W Rodney Young. This dinner was a prelude to Aurora Lodge No. 15’s celebration honoring their Past Masters. The Past Masters in attendance were RW Steve Lee, W Lennie Bibler, W Rodney Young, W Al Schuerger, and W John Bishop.

Wednesday, March 18, found Beth and me traveling to Sterling, Alaska for the Grand Master’s Reception at Sterling Lodge No. 22. We were accompanied on our drive east by RW Jerry Wasson (Grand Secretary) and VW Jim Herrington (DDGM Dist #5). The weather was glorious and we had a wonderful drive along Alaska’s beautiful Turnagin Arm. A special thanks to W Carl Lindstrom and the members of Sterling Lodge for a delicious dinner and a very enjoyable evening.

On Thursday, March 19, I was back in the Matanuska Valley, where I visited with my brethren at the Iditarod Lodge No. 20 stated meeting.

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