Sunday, March 1, 2009

Log of the Week of February 23

Beth and I returned to Alaska late Wednesday the 24 of February, after a very enjoyable visit with family in California.

On Thursday, we traveled to Anchorage to pay our respects to MW Raymond Beaver’s family and participate in is Masonic memorial service. The service was officiated by MW Henry Dunbar, who always does a very nice job. MW Brothers Harry Koenen, Marvin Fitzpatrick, and Charles Corbin, as well as RW Johnnie Wallace, RW Jerry Pinion, and WB John Bishop took part in the service. Sister Alice Chaney was the musician. MW Brother Ray’s son John Beaver gave the eulogy. There was a large crowd of brethren present to help send MW Brother Ray on his final journey.

Friday found me resurrecting my computer, which had crashed just before we left for the Western Conference of Grand Lodges. Fortunately, all of my files had been backed up. I just had to suffer through the tedium of reinstalling all of my applications. I still suffer through a few glitches, but the worst is over for now.

Yesterday, I again traveled to Anchorage to provide moral support to VW Thomas Schram, District Deputy for District No. 3. Tom conducted a session of ‘Lodge Officer Training’ for the brethren in his district. Thirteen members of Glacier Lodge No. 10, Aurora Lodge No. 15, and Anchorage Lodge No. 17 took part in this training. RW Brothers Wallace and Pinion, and W Brother Bishop were also there to provide assistance. This training was well received by those who participated and even Tom actually enjoyed facilitating the discussions. Potentially, there will be another training session for District 3 this coming fall.

Yesterday evening after the Lodge Officer Training session, I visited WB Glen Josey at Providence Hospital. WB Glen went through triple heart by-pass surgery on Thursday and was still in the Critical Care Unit recovering. Glen’s wife Elaine was with him during my visit. Glen appeared tired, so after a brief conversation, I left him in the capable hands of the hospital staff. We are all hoping that Glen has a speedy recovery.

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  1. Stephen E. WrightMarch 8, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    Greetings MW Grand Master Cline -

    This is a brief test to verify the accessability of my comments to your new blog. I much enjoyed reading about your recent activities and see you have gotten off to a good start as the new GM. I'm also pleased to read that "even Tom actually enjoyed facilitating the [Grand Lodge training] discussions." W. Bro. Tom is a great resource of information, institutional knowlege and facilitation, is usually well behaved, and is much appreciated by all in his role as office manager. W. Bro. Tom does a great job overall in my opinion and I respectfully suggest he be considered for a raise (including salary)!

    Respectfully and Fraternally,

    Stephen E. Wright, Secretary
    Mt. Juneau-Gastineaux Lodge No. 21