Sunday, September 6, 2009

International Days, Dawson City, Yukon Territory

Beth and I just returned from a great weekend in Dawson City, Yukon Territory where we joined in on the International Days celebration with the brethren from Tanana Lodge No. 3 (Fairbanks, AK) and Yukon Lodge No. 45 (Dawson City, YT). Along with the community activities surrounding this event, our Canadian brethren arranged several fellowship activities including a banquet and barbeque for our enjoyment. Yesterday evening was the last stated meeting of the year for Yukon No. 45 and it was also the official visit of their District Deputy, RW Martin Allen. In addition to myself, the Grand Lodge of Alaska delegation included RW Johnnie Wallace (DGM), RW Ron Ackerman (DGM), W James Peasley (JGS), and VW John Johnson (DDGM Dist. No. 1) and several of the brethren from Tanana Lodge No. 3. This has been an annual event between the two lodges for many years to mark the bond of brotherhood between them. Yukon Lodge No. 45 was established by Masons who took part in the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1899. These same Masons also constituted Tanana Lodge No. 3, as they moved west to Fairbanks in search of more gold.

The Masonic Lodge building is a distinctive feature in Dawson City. It was originally built as a library under a grant from the Andrew Carnegie Endowment. The interior has several unique architectural features including “tin” walls and ceilings. The brethren of Yukon No. 45 spent several years restoring this building to its original glory.

Beth and I left Dawson City early this morning in order to repack and head out tomorrow morning on our trip to Norwich, UK and a visit to the United Grand Lodge of England. It was a 465 mile drive, which was suppose to take over 12 hours, but we made it in a little over eight.

My regards to the brethren of Yukon No. 45 and my sincere thanks for a wonderful time.


  1. Jeanette and I had a great time in Dawson, we thank our Canadian bothers for a great venue. Very relaxing weekend. We hope to attendd next year. The drive both ways was spectacular with color and scenery. It is a shame the rest of the world does not get to see natures beauty like this, just takes ones breath away.....Jim Peasley (JGS)

  2. I visitied Dawson City in the days before I was a Mason and it was this visit that sparked my interest in R.W. Service. I am in the process of preparing a lecture on Mr. Service for our next lodge meeting. I have the bare facts of his initiation but can find no other references to his masonic career. Any help you or the brethren can give me or steer me onto would be very much appreciated.
    Bro. W. McAlea, Legiolium Lodge 1542 Province of Yorkshire West Riding, UK.