Monday, September 28, 2009

Alaskan Job's Daughters

“And in all the land were no women
found so fair as the Daughters of Job;
and their Father gave them inheritance
among their brethren.”

Saturday morning, I attended the meeting of Anchorage Bethel No. 1, International Order of Job’s Daughters. Bethel No. 1 is the only Bethel in Alaska, however among all of our Masonic Youth Groups; it is one of the most active and engaging. At Saturday’s meeting four young women were initiated into the Bethel and two petitions for membership were read. Although, a small Bethel, it is apparent that is growing. This was the first opportunity I had to witness the Job’s Daughters ceremony of initiation, and I was very impressed by its beauty of the lessons it taught from the Book of Job .

From Bethel No. 1’s web site you will learn that: Job’s Daughters help young women between the ages of 10 and 20 learn important skills needed throughout your life. They teach leadership, organizational skills along with how to work as a team, making friends and building confidence along the way while having fun in the process. Along the way they do community service such as; making blankets for shelters, cleaning parks and assisting at functions for community organizations in their fund raising endeavors. When not engaged in community service activities they have dances, roller skating parties, pizza parties and the like. Oh, that’s not all they do though! They get to travel a bit, doing ceremonies at public installations, Masonic Lodges and Concordant bodies throughout the state when requested.

I had a wonderful time visiting with these young women and their adult leaders, and I encourage all Master Masons to take the time to get to know the future leaders of our fraternity by visiting one of our youth organizations. For more information about Bethel No. 1, please contact Mrs. Susan Anderson, Bethel Gardian.

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  1. Masonic teachings must be given to the youth of today - regardless of what group grabs them. I'm so excited for Job's Daughters of Alaska and wish them continuing Good Luck & Prosperity!

    -Gabrielle Hazelton
    Supreme Deputy in AK
    Rainbow Girls