Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fat Lady Sang

This is the final posting of the “Grand Master’s Musings”. It has been an enjoyable ride, but as the newest Past Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of Alaska, it isn’t appropriate for me to continue to publish under this title. I am considering creating a new Blog, but with a little different focus. Please let me know your thoughts, if you are interested in my vision for the future of Freemasonry. Likewise, please offer your suggestions on what I might call that Blog.

Thank you to all my loyal followers. I will edit this post with a link to a new Blog, if and when I decide to start one.

Bo Cline


  1. PGM Bo, Congratulations on a successful year as Grand Master! I trust you will take some well-deserved time off and regroup. We'll miss you in DC in a couple weeks. Tom

  2. MW- Thanks for all your hard work last year

  3. Past Grand Master Bo, Congradulations on a wonderful year. Thru your blog you have shared Freemasonry in Alaska with us throughout the world.
    I have certainly enjoyed your thoughts and the photos.
    Enjoy some time off.
    Tom Hendrickson