Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grand Master's Reception - Valdez No. 4

Yesterday (5/12/2009), Beth and drove 260 miles from our home down the Richardson Highway to attend the Grand Master’s Reception at Valdez Lodge No. 4. We were accompanied by RW Johnnie Wallace (DGM) and his wife, Mary; RW Jerry Pinion (JGW) and his wife, Ginger; and W Van O. Chaney (Grand Chaplain) and his wife, Alice. The weather was absolute beautiful, and when we arrived in Valdez, the temperature was in the mid to upper 60’s. Valdez is on Prince William Sound and the temperature is generally moderated by its proximity to the water. It is referred to Little Switzerland, since it averages over 325 inches (27 ft) of snow annually. It was a surprise to see all of the snow gone and most of the town basking in the sunshine.

We were met in Valdez by VW John Johnson (Deputy for District 1) and Worshipful Brothers Karl Amundsen and Keith Herve (Members of the By-Laws Committee). We had great fellowship and a great dinner before served by the members and ladies of Valdez No. 4. Thank you to WB Jim Ujioka for a very nice evening.

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  1. Most Worshipful GrandMaster
    I am Tom Hendrickson of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. I am currently the Senior Grand Warden.
    I have enjoyed your blog for I used to live in Alaska from 1974 to 1977.
    I also have a blog"allthingsmasonic"
    Keep up the Great writing
    Tom Hendrickson