Monday, May 11, 2009

Chris Hodapp on Masonic Central

I have been listening to the Masonic Central Podcast for the past couple of months and thoroughly enjoy it. Actually, I have been downloading it to my iPhone and playing the episodes on my car radio as I drive to and from Anchorage. Sometime, I would like to listen to it live and possibly participate in the online discussions. Unfortunately, this podcast is scheduled Sundays at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 PM Alaska Time). I say unfortunately, because Sunday I ritually have dinner with my wife’s extended family. I don’t think Beth would appreciate it if I broke away from dinner with her family to sit in front of the computer for an hour. Anyway, this past Sunday was Mother’s Day and our normal Sunday routine was changed to brunch, freeing me for the 5:00 PM airing. Wouldn’t you know it, the Masonic Central hosts decided to take a break last Sunday to spend it with their own families.

Masonic Central will resume their normal podcasts this coming Sunday with guest Brother Christopher Hodapp. Chris will be discussing his book Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies. Chris was previously a guest on Masonic Central in November 2008. That particular show was excellent and this coming weeks show promises to be equally informative and entertaining. I would recommend anyone who has the time and is not constrained by family commitments to tune in. Otherwise, visit the Masonic Central site any time to download or simply listen to this and past episodes.

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