Friday, October 23, 2009

Building Boaz - UPDATE

Last week I had the opportunity to visit over the phone with Brother and Doctor John Nagy. John is the author of the recently published “Building Boaz”, the second volume in his series on uncommon catechisms for uncommon Masonic education. His first book in this series was titled “Building Hiram”. John has the great sense of finding patterns in Masonic ritual and presenting the relationships of the symbolism to an individual’s development in a unique manner. He begins each of his books with a catechism primer, where he presents the definition of catechism in the form of a catechism itself. He proceeds to introduce several topics in “Building Boaz” related to the First Degree and follows each with a catechism on that topic. Each of John’s books are excellent resources to assist in coaching and mentoring new Masons. They are also great tools to enhance Masonic Education within our lodges.

Dr. Nagy will be a guest on the Masonic Central podcast Sunday, October 25. Masonic Central airs live most Sundays at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. If you have the time and is free of commitments during its airing, I would encourage you to tune in. However, if you are like me, you will have to download the broadcast to listen to it as a later time. Dr. Nagy's books may be purchased on the Freemason Information Masonic Blog.

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