Thursday, July 23, 2009

Membership Training Seminar

The Al Aska Shrine is sponsoring a membership development seminar in Anchorage, August 14-15, 2009. The seminar is open to all Masonic Bodies within the jurisdiction of Alaska. Its purpose is to share with the Masonic Organization the most current information available about Lodge relations, recruitment, retention, delinquent dues, suspensions and restorations.

This initiative is the dream child of David Worel, Chief Rabban of the Al Aska Shrine. Typically only the leadership of Shrine Temples participates in this training, which is provided at the Imperial Shrine headquarters in Tampa, FL. Dave has coordinated with the leaders of the seminar and encouraged them to take their show on the road to Alaska. This Alaskan seminar provides an excellent training opportunity for our constituent lodges, and will enable them to develop their own membership recruitment and retention programs.

The seminar will be held at the Al Aska Temple the evening of August 14th and all day of August 15th and will be provided at no cost. Lunch will also be donated.

The following is the schedule of activities for this two day event:

August 14, Friday
4:00 – 8:00 Hospitality at the Al Aska Temple
August 15,Saturday
8:00 AM, Meeting with Divan
9:00 AM,Overview of presentation,Lodge Relations
10:30 AM, Break
11:00 AM, Recruitment
12:00 PM, Lunch
1:00 PM, Retention
3:00 PM, Delinquent dues, Restorations

For further information contact Dave Worel at or the Al Aska Shrine at (907) 274-4344.

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  1. MWB Bo – Re your blog of July 23, the training seminar to be put on by the Shrine sounds great. I hope it is productive. If it is not already written up, I trust someone will write it up for reference and use at future such seminars, with additions pertaining to new and improved procedures as the years go by.