Friday, June 5, 2009

159th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Oregon

Beth and I are currently in beautiful Bend, Oregon, attending the 159th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Oregon. I wish to thank MW Robert M. Richmond, Grand Master and Cowboy Poet and his Lady Joyce for their wonderful hospitality and all of the courtesies extended to Beth and me.

This Grand Lodge has been extremely well attended, which is a testament to how well MW Richmond is loved by the brethren in Oregon. Representatives from the Grand Lodges of Alaska, BC-Yukon, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon (Idaho & Montana) Prince Hall, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming have been in attendance. Additionally, two brothers from the Grand Lodge of Scotland came for the visit and MW Richard Fletcher and his wife Judy represented the Masonic Service Association of North America and spoke at the Fellowship Banquet last night.

Many of the guest speakers addressed the changing demographics of Masonry and how to keep new Masons enthused and excited about Masonry. Another common theme was the degradation in ritual presentation and how to improve it.

An item of interest occurred when MW Aaron W. Harvey announced that he was stepping down as Grand Secretary after five years. Aaron stepped in as Grand Secretary during a time of trial for the Grand Lodge of Oregon and has served this Grand Lodge with distinction these last several years. Another item of interest was the unanimous recognition by the Grand Lodge of Oregon of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of F&AM, Jurisdiction of North Carolina, Inc.

During the election of officers for the Grand Lodge of Oregon for 2009/2010 the following brethren were elected:

Grand Master MW D. Arthur Bush
DGM RW L.E. “Ed” Bousquet
SGW RW Richard A. Martin
JGW RW Hunt M. Compton
Grand Secretary RW Paul Temple

MW John S. Harvey was elected to serve on the Jurisprudence for another five years. W David Fryday was appointed to be the Senior Grand Deacon for the ensuing term. This was a significant appointment, as in the Grand Lodge of Oregon the SGD is traditionally elected to the office of Junior Grand Warden in the succeeding year.

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