Sunday, April 5, 2009

Log of the Week of March 30

On Monday, March 30 I visited Eagle River Lodge No. 13 where I participated in the Master Mason Degree and Drama for Brother Jeffery Wasson. This was a very special occasion, as Brother Wasson was obligated and raised by his father, RW Jerry Wasson, the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Alaska. Brethren from Aurora Lodge No. 15 were again present to assist in the degree conferral. This event was well attended and great fellowship was enjoyed by all.

I attended the Tuesday morning coffee, donut, and fellowship at the Anchorage Masonic Center on March 31. While there, I received a call from MW Don Chaffin who reported on his contact with Brother Howie Damron (see “The Masonic Ring” under Featured Video on left). MW Don reported that Brother Damron wished to support a fundraising activity for our Grand Lodge by recording the Alaska Mason Song he wrote and performed during our Annual Communication in Fairbanks in 2008. I hope to be reporting more about this initiative in a later post.

Wednesday, April 1, found Beth and me winging our way from Anchorage to Kona, HI for a well deserved two week break before heading over to Honolulu for the Grand Lodge of Hawaii on the 17th and 18th. Most of the flights out of the Ted Stevens International airport had been canceled the night before our departure due to the eruption of Mt. Redoubt. On Wednesday, the mountain remained subtly quiet, however and our flight departed on time. Unfortunately, I brought along a pretty good head cold that I picked up in Fairbanks last week and have been suffering from it ever since. I’ve decided it is far better to be recovering from a cold here in Hawaii rather than in Alaska during spring break-up.

I doubt there will be anything to log the next couple of weeks, however, when we return on the 19th, I will be hitting the ground running. The week of April 20th promises to be a busy one with Prince Hall Grand Lodge (April 18-21), Grand Master’s Reception with District No. 5 (April 21), Grand Lecturer’s workshop in Palmer (April 24), and Lodge Officer Training in Eagle River (April 25).

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