Friday, February 20, 2009

Annual Communication

The following is the inaugural post from Februray 10, 2009. It was truncated on another site and reproduced here.

This is my inaugural post on the “Grand Master’s Musings” page. My goals are simple; that this blog will become a record of my travels through Masonry this year and that it will provide some information about Alaska Freemasonry to anyone that might pass by this way.

So let’s get started:

On Tuesday, February 3, Beth and I traveled to Kodiak with my parents to attend the 28th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alaska. Although Redoubt Volcano was threatening (Redoubt Volcano), our trip was not impeded by ash or weather. Kodiak is a fishing village on the island of the same name, situated in the Gulf of Alaska. This was a beautiful setting for our Annual Communication, surrounded by majestic mountains and with eagles circling above fishing boats sitting in the bay. Thank you to Most Worshipful Jared Decker and his wife Suni for a very entertaining and enjoyable time. Unfortunately, since Kodiak is in the middle of the Gulf of Alaska, weather always presents a problem for those traveling into or out of the airport in the winter. This was indeed the case and a few of the expected visitors were unable to get in due to canceled flights.

At the Grand Master’s Banquet on Wednesday, February 4, we were entertained by Worshipful Brother Christopher Hodapp, the author of “Freemasons For Dummies”. Chris delivered a very inspiring message about enhancing the Masonic experience for a new generation of Masons. It was great meeting Chris and having an opportunity to visit with him.

On Friday, February 6, I was elected and installed as Grand Master of Masons in Alaska. This was a very special occasion for me, especially since my folks were present and my father who has been a Mason for nearly 64 years placed the Grand Master’s collar on me during the ceremony. It was special, as well, because of the presence of Most Worshipful Bill Miller (Past Grand Master of Washington) and his wife Maralyn. Beth and I have known Bill and Maralyn for nearly 50 years and they have had a great influence on our lives. MW Brother Bill installed me as Grand Master. At the time, he remarked that it was entirely appropriate that a Grand Master of Washington install the Grand Master of Alaska, as it was a Grand Master of Alaska (Most Worshipful John Ingram) who installed him as Grand Master of Washington in 1989.

Beth and I returned to Palmer on Sunday, after a weather delay in Kodiak and an overnight stay at Beth’s aunt and uncle in Anchorage. I have now hit the ground running. Last night I visited the Al Aska Shrine stated meeting and tonight I will be presenting the Alaska Mason of the Year award for 2008 at Matanuska Lodge No. 7 in Palmer. On Wednesday, I travel to Anchorage Lodge No. 17 to install the District Deputy of the Grand Master, who was one that was weathered out of Kodiak. On Thursday, Beth and I travel down to Anaheim, CA, to participate in the Western Conference of Grand Lodge’s before we attend the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, which starts on Sunday in Anaheim, as well.

I look forward to many more posting this year.

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